If you make decision to work on your success, you may look for the inspiration at the success stories of the Americans of Serbian discent. The book Ključ uspeha (The Key to Success) you can look for here

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Narativi o uspehu Nacionalne kulture Srbije i Amerike

Slavka Drašković, 2011. Učenje na daljinu kao deo nove paradigme razvoja privrede i društva

Slavka Drašković, Rano vaspitanje kao deo kulturne transmisije.

Ljubinko Ilić, Slavka Drašković, Jelenko Mićić, Aleksandra Milanović, Inovacijama protiv prirodnih nepogoda

Slavka Drašković, Ljubinko Ilić, Energetska efikasnost i inovativne tehnologije

Slavka Drašković, Narativi o uspehu poslovnih lidera srpske dijaspore u Americi

Biographical Lexicon: Serbs in the World.” Belgrade – Los Angeles, 1999


Welcome to the magic of the Executive Coaching! I am looking forward to our time together.

The Coach and the Client are as peers. I am a trained professional coach, not a psychotherapist or a consultant. I do not provide diagnoses or treatment, nor do I look into the past. I work with you on the accomplishment of your personal and professional planes and goals.

It is expected that you are dedicated to the coaching process, and to be open and sincere as the sessions are confidential and protected by a strict professional ethic. Also, it is expected from the client to be opened for the outcome rather than attached to the outcome, and also to be opened to changes.

Our sessions are top priorities for me.

Between the sessions, if you need to ask questions, tell me something, suggest an idea, please, send me an e-mail.

How long will it take?

Executive Coaching takes time, and regular practice and reinforcement are critical to getting and sustaining good results. I therefore ask clients to make an initial commitment to six months of coaching, with the minimum of three months. Of course, the engagement may be extended or terminated early, if desired.

What are the expectations of a Leader and of a Coach?

A Leader and a Coach during coaching will be engaged into the following:

  • Agreement on specific coaching goals based on an assessment of the leader’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Creation of a written development plan that includes agreed-upon goals, targeted outcomes, action steps and timeframes.
  • Synchronization of the leader’s goals with the Board of Directors or any other managing body mutually agreed upon, and periodic feedback from this group.
  • “Homework” assignments between coaching sessions. For example, the coach may recommend reading, assign practice of specific behaviors and reflection, or ask the leader to write down insights into what worked or didn’t work in a given situation.
  • Progress assessment at the end of the engagement, and also at the midpoint for yearlong assignments.

How often will we meet?

Coaching sessions usually take place twice оr three times a month, either face-to-face or by phone. The frequency, duration, and type of meeting depend on the leader’s needs and travel schedule. The initial months of an engagement generally require more time together than the later months.
How will we measure success?

The success will be measured based on the satisfaction of the leader and, also important, on the assessment of his or her Board of Directors.


The management can take the company to the top, or to bankruptcy. Good management is even more important in times like this, when the financial market is in turbulence and economy in crises. If the management can deal with the constant changes, the organization will benefit. Some researchers have confirmed that Chief Executive Officer has the same impact on the organization’s success as the industry: both with 30%. So it is of outmost importance to invest into the top management and its development.

It is considered that every CEO or a manager truly interested in change or to improve working results, has to seriously commit himself to coaching. Mentor or a Business Coach is leader’s indispensable partner and help in a business world of constant change. Coach is a person who gives you supports to pass all the way from the insecurity to taking responsibility and action.

Athletes have known this for years—having a coach on their side helps them perform their best and move through fear to success. Today’s executives, managers and business owners are under pressure to perform at higher levels with fewer resources. Perhaps it’s time you hired a coach to help you reach your professional and personal potential. Here are some questions to help you decide.

Is it time for you to consider hiring a coach?

  • Can you see a gap between how you want to lead and how you lead now?
  • Are you experiencing challenges with diversity?
  • Do you have clear professional or business goals?
  • Are you committed to developing yourself?
  • Are you about to make a critical decision that will impact your life or career?
  • Are you committed to doing the work Will you invest time and resources in coaching for your success?

Experts and consultants of the “Poslovno vodjstvo” have been mentors and business coaches to a great number of business leaders and executives for many years.

Slavka Drašković is the Doctorand on the subject of Business Success. She has also many years of experience with the American corporation and Serbian Diaspora Business leaders gives which gives her an unique insight into the contemporary business world and business success.

Business& Life Coaches

  • Slavka Draskovic, Sucess Coach,
  • Terry S. Flagg, Life Coach, life in balance. let your dreams blossom
  • Sally Barrett-Page, Life Coach for Women 50+,
  • Belinda Kent, Leadership & Life Coach,
  • Patti Keogh, Life Coach,
  • Colette Tracy,Life Coach,
  • Roni Thornton, Life Coach,,
  • Esther Perlstein, Life Coach,
  • Marianne D. Hove, Life Coach,,
  • Susan Ratliff, Life Coach,
  • Julie Brown-Resech, Life Coach,
  • Karen Paulmbo, Life Coach,
  • Varya Trunov, Life & Parenting Coach, Helping Parents of Children with Autism & Special Needs,
  • Nena Draskovic, Psychologist, nena.d@eunet.yu
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